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Changes to Payments

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Payments shouldn’t be hard. That’s why we’re introducing two new payment methods for all payments made to S Ihme.

Previously, we primarily accepted bank transfers as the preferred method, providing our partners with secure and confidential means to pay us. However, our clients have been feeding back that the time and effort involved in making BACS payments is a little off putting.

As a result, we are introducing two new payment methods to help make the process faster, and easier. Whilst also maintaining the security and confidentiality of your payment information.

  1. Credit/Debit Card Payments – As of 14 October 2015 we will now accept credit and debit card payments for all invoices, proposals, and SLA’s. Links to pay by card will appear at the base of all new invoices and proposals. You can also call our office to make a payment via card over the phone.
  2. Direct Debit – Exclusively to UK based clients, as of 14 October 2015 you will now be able to set up a regular direct debit to cover your subscriptions and other recurring payments to S Ihme.

The introduction of these new payment methods not only help reduce the time and effort needed to pay S Ihme. It also reduces the time required to process transactions at our end, enabling us to bring prices down, and offer new discounts on services that use these payment methods.

As said above, these come into effect from 14 October 2015.

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