Getting Started with Twitter

Getting Started with Twitter

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If you’re getting started with Twitter media you’re looking to engage with new customers and network. This is the reason you should join a social network. Not to promote your brand or sell-sell-sell, that will come later if you do social media right. We’re going to look how getting started with social media, particularly Twitter can support your business growth over the long term.

Planning your Twitter account

When it comes to creating a Twitter account you need to think and plan a little first. If you’re looking to gain new customers, think about the type of customers you want, and what their interests are. If you’re looking to promote your brand, explore your industry and what other industries or sectors compliment or support yours. This deeper thought into the interests of your customers and the industries that engage with yours will help you decide the type of content you’re going want to share and the people you’re going to want to follow.

Take a sheet of paper and start to list some of your clients interests. A list of around 3 to 4 interests is a great number to get started with. When you’re gone with that list then move on to listing the different services you’re offering. Compare the interests and the products and you’ll start to get an idea of type of content you will need to share in order to gain the interest of new leads.

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Putting together content feeds

When you have an idea of the type of content you’ll need it’s time to do some research. Searching google or twitter based on those interests can yield tonns of great blogs or publications that are already creating and sharing that type of content. Bigger more experienced blogs will have also tested their content to see what engages with users better, and that will help you further down the line when it comes to what to share and what to skip.

When you’ve got a list of 8+ blogs that you think your customers will like you should combine them into a feeds app. Feeds apps search given websites for new content and deliver it all into a single interface. This saves a huge amount of time as any new content on your list of websites is automatically added to a single feed that you can visit. There are loads of great options that are web and app based. At Sihme we use Feedly, to combine all our feeds, which can be accessed via the web browser and its own dedicated app

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Creating Twitter lists

Whilst searching for feeds on Twitter, you probably come across some interesting users. There are 302 million active users on twitter each month. If you manage to engage with just 0.001% of those users, that’s 31k people who could become potential customers of yours. Some of those 31k will be people who are sharing things you and your customers and interested in and you may want to share or engage with them later. Lists is a feature in twitter that allows you to create a list (let’s call it Marketing Advice) and then add all the users that are talking about marketing.

Creating a list is really simple, and we’ve put together a short guide to help you get started, see below.

The first step is to open your Twitter page

Click Your Image in the topbar

Click Lists

Click Create new list

Click List name

Type your List name

Type your List Description

Click Save list

Click find users by name

Type in find users by name

Click Search

That's it. You're done. You can now start to add feeds to your list.

Organising everything

Now that you’ve done some thinking, organised content feeds, and creating a list of interesting users you’re almost ready to go. The problem is that you’re now sprawled across three different browser tabs/apps whenever you want to do some Twitter engagement. This is where the beaut that is Hootsuite comes into play. Hootsuit is a Twitter manager that allows you to centralise all your content and enagement avenues into columns on a single screen.

Sign up for a Hootsuite account (they start out FREE), and then add your Twitter account. If everything has connected well you should now be able to start adding various feeds to your hoostsuite Dashboard. Everything from recent tweets, to lists, and likes can be listed in single columns that update automatically when new content is added. With a host of other features like bulk scheduling posts, reporting, and training, hootsuite is a great place to get everything organised and start to build your social media profile.

Now it’s time for engagement

With everything now set up – you’re ready to start posting and sharing content on your social media. Remember though that this is just the first step on your social media journey. To get the most out of social media and increase followers and build an active and engaging audience you will need to be active and engaging. Don’t just post links or share images. People on social media like other users who are actively participating in the conversation and not just shouting about their ‘50% OFF’ summer sale.

Engagement comes in many forms but some simple first steps are replying to opinions or calls for assistance. You should constantly be seeking out new people to add to and expand your lists. Like tweets that you find useful or may want to share with your followers later. Retweet the things you want your followers to see now and thank and acknowledge those users that choose to follow you.

Do all of these things a little each day (30 minutes) and you’ll soon find that you are building a dynamic and engaging social media community that shares your content, visits your website, and ultimately provides new leads and avenues to grow your business. It’s all about getting started with social media and the rest is a fun and ever changing conversation.

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