How to work in a mobile team effectively

How to work in a mobile team effectively

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The way that we work has now changed; not every business is run from the same office (or even from an office at all) and work colleagues talk to each other directly and access paper documents in a filing cabinet in the file room. Many new businesses work in a mobile team effectively with different team members based in different locations. In fact, even the businesses that centralised now adapt other more modern techniques. It’s all about user-friendliness now; for your customers and your employees. Hundreds of emails are being sent each day, with documents attached in all different formats. It’s not easy to keep up and stay organized but real-time collaboration is what every business is striving for these days.

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It’s actually quite odd when you think about it; email is a relatively modern form of communication and is of course, highly popular all over the world. Most businesses cannot really live without it. However, it feels like email is slowly being phased out by other work solutions such as project management software and other tools that allow real-time collaboration.

As businesses grow, it does get more and more difficult to stay on top of all your emails and appointments, at the same time as trying to carry out your day-to-day activities. Yes, you can get yourself a personal assistant, but this is costly and still doesn’t help you interact with your team seamlessly. This is why we recommend Google Apps for any business, small or large. Google Apps actually has a solution for almost everything; storage for your emails, contacts, appointments etc., a place to have meetings, document sharing, scheduling etc.

We’re going to show you how you can work in a mobile team effectively using Google Apps:

Google and You

See what google can do for your business, you'll be amazed

Email is the backbone of communication and many a business has gone through the struggle learning their server email settings so they can setup email in Outlook or on their mobile devices. Gmail from Google is fast becoming the go-to email app for businesses. It is the leading email provider for a reason; it can provide you with an email network tailored to your business domain and let’s you experience the popular web interface that everyone has grown to love. It has very powerful search tools, allowing you to find relevant emails in seconds. It also syncs all your contacts and integrates with other programs such as Microsoft Office, allowing for seamless collaboration.

Plus, you can backup your email data very easily and quickly, integrated extensions to improve your workflow, it connects with third party software, and provides a single login that can work on all the leading desktop and mobile devices and apps.

Keeping on top of appointments, meetings and renewals is a core part of any business operations. Google’s calendar is a powerful calendar option, which allows you to schedule appointments, plan your day and even set alarms and reminders. Its advanced functionalities mean you can colour code your events, send invites to attendees, share your calendar with other team members and generally just get more organised.
Hands up those of us who have used Skype? Hangouts is a lightweight app that can be run from a browser and packs a real punch for real-time collaboration. You can share documents, send live chat messages, make phone calls or even have video conferences on. Gone are the days when you have to travel to meetings for hours on public transport – you can now just click a button and you have powerful video conferencing from wherever you want. There is full cross-platform compatibility too, as it is available on your desktop PC, laptop, mobile, tablet etc. Any team member can access the app from wherever they are and even directly from any Google Chrome browser and get in touch instantly using the same login as their email and calendar.
When you need to meet a client and you’re on the way to their office but, but you realise that a very important document is on your office computer and you won’t have time head back and still be on time for the meeting. This is why cloud storage is the way forwards – you can access all your documents absolutely anywhere in the world. With Drive you can store any file type, so whether you are saving photos or PowerPoint presentations, you can easily access them from internet enabled device.

All your documents are extremely secure, with SSL encryption on your drive. They also remain private too, unless you want to share them. When you do, collaboration is made easy and you can invite your team to view, edit and comment on any of your documents.

Other great features include being able to use your phone or tablet like a scanner – just take a photo of a document or a receipt and it will store it in your drive as a PDF! Pretty cool right? You can also make your documents available offline too, so you can edit away in those annoying times you cannot get online. Once again, Google Drive is available across all devices and platforms.

It used to be that you absolutely must have Microsoft Office in order to get any documents created and this product wasn’t cheap. Now there are various alternatives to the whole office suite right Google, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, all have Google alternatives in the form of Docs, Sheets and Slides. They come integrated with Drive by default and they provide templates for free use and editing, plus, you can share these instantly with anyone else and allow them to edit or view the documents too. So a team working on the same proposal or project can work together on the same document and see edits in real time.

Google Forms is a very powerful tool, that is not utilised as much as it should be. You can create fantastic surveys or manage event registrations and customise them to how you want. Perhaps you can even assign different members of your team to different tasks for your job. Perhaps one can create the form, one can collect the data and one can analyse the data and interpret it into statistics within Sheets.

The possibilities are endless and this all comes from within Google’s amazing Apps for Work.

Rising office costs and expensive software are no longer a barrier to supporting business growth. Companies on Google Apps are already realising savings in their office software, and improvements in efficiency in their teams. Collaboration and integration are two elements that are driving business growth and increasing profitability across industries. If you’re still undecided, check out this link for Google Apps for Work.

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