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We were not surprised to learn last week that Gmail was recognised as the #1 U.S. email service, but today we received another jolt of good news: Gmail for your Mac! At S. Ihme we have searched high and low for the right email provider for our business. After months of testing and trying all the providers out there, we finally settled on Google Apps for Work, and Gmail. It is by far the most capable and customisable email provider, but there has never been the right app for it on our Macs. There are loads available from the App Store and elsewhere but all fall short in some way, forcing us to live in our browsers.

Kiwi for Gmail

So, when we learned that Zive Inc. of New York plans to launch an app called “Kiwi for Gmail” in June, we were over the moon! Aiming to end Gmail’s life trapped in browser tabs. Kiwi gives Gmail a stable, powerful and feature-filled home as a specially designed Mac desktop email program.

Gmail on your Mac

Kiwi for Gmail will end Mac users’ reliance on using Gmail in a browser. Instead, for the first time they’ll be able to use Gmail as a full desktop email client. “One reason people love Gmail is it does what traditional email clients simply can’t do,” said Eric Shashoua, chief executive at Zive. “Every email client relies on decades-old communication standards. Gmail got rid of those 1990s technologies, and it’s made them untouchable.” If Zive can bring all those unique qualities that make Gmail so good to the desktop experience, we will certainly be some of the first customers. We’re looking to see if they can make the integration between mail, calendars, and Google Drive as seamless on the desktop as it is in the browser.

Ryan Shetley, Zive’s chief technology officer, said Kiwi for Gmail completely transforms how Gmail is used on Mac desktops. “For desktop users, the email user experience suffers because Gmail is trapped in the browser,” Shetley said. “Email is something you do constantly. It should be effortlessly easy to get in and out of. On the desktop, we can also add powerful new features that are impossible in a browser.”

Kiwi for Gmail takes the same sophisticated email client-browser hybrid approach used by Google in its own mobile Gmail apps. This lets it act like an email client without wiping out Gmail’s features, which uniquely avoids the compromises imposed on Gmail by other Mac email apps, even Apple’s own Mail app.

Kiwi for Gmail may be purchased from the App Store for $10 (£7.50)

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