S. Ihme will now be serving the great businesses of Southwest Ohio!

Sihme Comes to Ohio

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We have been providing support to customers all over the UK for years now and have been receiving consistently great feedback on our services. Naturally, this meant the demand for S. Ihme’s services have been increasing drastically over the last couple of years. Given the demand, we have decided to go international and are now proud to announce that S. Ihme will now be serving the great businesses of Southwest Ohio! We hope that this will mean a positive change for everyone and Ohioans will also love our services.

What will Sihme do in Ohio?

Here at S. Ihme, we pride ourselves on being dedicated to our customers, working to support you online. We know that running a business isn’t easy and you would appreciate as much help as possible, when it comes to websites and the internet. This is why we are completely dedicated to your business when it comes to website support.

We will be offering our most popular services in Ohio:

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Website Support

Whatever business you are in; you will need a website. However, managing it yourself is no easy task. This is where S. Ihme comes in! We provide you with a dedicated consultant to help you with whatever you want – we can even send your emails for you!

Your consultant will not only help to manage your website, but will also help your business grow. You can receive advice from our in-house design and marketing teams for ways on how to improve the look and performance of your site. An improved performance means an increase in sales, which means a more successful business.

SEO, SEO, SEO… you must have heard this term thrown around a lot and have probably been told you need to shed out a lot of money for SEO services for your business. However, we will help you with your SEO! We can check how your website is performing on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and also let you know which pages are performing the best on your site by tracking your visitors.

Your dedicated consultant will be happy to help you out with anything – just ask if you’re not sure!

Why Stress?

You could have a dedicated consultant ready for you in minutes.

Website Hosting

Our servers are staffed around the clock and has a 99% uptime guaranteed, plus 3x faster loading speeds. This means your business will be getting the best there is when it comes to web hosting.

In addition to having great performance, S. Ihme’s hosting team know what you really want when it comes to web hosting and are there whenever you need anything. There is also a dedicated help center with articles and guides, should you want to read up on anything yourself.

Also, your site and files are completely safe with us! We take daily backups of your site and ensure that your files are secure. Therefore, any accidents that may happen – we will be there to help and restore your site back to what it was.

Get Started?

We offer a range of options, depending on your business requirements.


What is the point of having an amazing website if no-one knows it’s even there? This is where our marketing team can help you. We can run full email marketing campaigns for you, which are proven to be 2x more effective than PPC campaigns. You have the added benefit of our design team at your disposal too, to produce really eye-catching emails, to help convert more leads. In addition to that, we have professional copywriters at hand who can write powerful, engaging content.

A picture says a thousand words, and our stock image collection will have the picture that says what you want to your customers. All these perks are not seen with most other agencies, so we hope our new Ohio customers will welcome S. Ihme to their market.

Get Noticed

Get the word out there about your business and let it shine today!

We are excited to come to Ohio

With out new Ohio based Client Consultant, we have local knowledge and experience and are very confident that you will love us in Ohio. We know that you guys love good customer service and that is what we are all about. S. Ihme is all about YOU; your needs come first and that is the sole reason for our presence – to service your needs.

We are looking forward to interacting with the bubbly and friendly Ohians, who are bound to make our working life so much more fun and easy. It will be our pleasure to tend to all your needs.

Why else you should love us

We care about our customers a great deal and don’t just offer paid-for services, but want to be connected with you all the time. Therefore, we run a blog which offers you news and updates on things going on at S. Ihme, plus valuable business tips too. There are also updates on limited time promotions on our blog, so if you want to be the first to hear about what is happening here at S. Ihme, you should subscribe to our newsletter to get notified first.

Feel the Love

Sign up today and take great advantages of new client discounts.

It's all about you.

Plus, we tweet regularly on Twitter and interact with our followers, answering any questions you may have. Follow us @SIhmeOnline today and you can send us your 140 characters of goodness whenever you like.

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How to get in touch with our Ohio team

Nick Weingartner is the client consultant for our Ohio clients and will be able to tend to your needs. He will put you in touch with the right person for whatever you require. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with us here in Ohio whenever you need anything.

We are available on 513-409-36-11, so please just pick up the phone now!


Need more persuading? Not a problem – one of our consultants will let you know why S. Ihme is right for you.

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