Gift Certificates

These terms and conditions apply to the purchase and usage of Gift Certificates with S. Ihme. A gift certificate is issued to an individual who purchases the services of S. Ihme in advance for a third party.

Certificate Value

The value of the Gift Certificate is known only to S. Ihme and the person/organisation that purchased the certificate. The full scope of the services included are written on the base of the certificate and agreed between S. Ihme and the purchaser.

Certificate Number

Each Gift Certificate issued by S. Ihme is given a unique 8 digit code that authenticates the gift certificate against our records. The Certificate Number can be found in the top right area of the gift certificate.

Certificate Deposit

For a certificate to be issued, a 50% deposit must be paid, this deposit is non-refundable and goes towards securing the time of a dedicated consultant for the given project.

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