Payments are a part of business, and we aim to make the process as quick and as simple as possible. This document, alongside our other legal policies, sets out the payment terms that clients agree to as part of any relationship with S Ihme.

Payment Terms

Our invoices are due on receipt, this means the day that they are sent to you – which is also the date that you will find on the invoice. In certain circumstances there may be different payment terms, these will be communicated clearly before hand and noted on the invoice.

Proposals, SLA’s, and other agreements

Where we have specific proposals, SLA’s, or other agreements in place, they will clearly state the payment terms and will be part of the agreement process.

Payment Methods

We offer three payment methods for all invoices and other payments to S Ihme. Theses are;

  1. Credit/Debit Card payments, processed online or over the phone.
  2. Direct Debit payments, processed online.
  3. Bank Transfer payments, processed via the payee’s bank account.

Payment Processors

In order to accept payments online and over the phone, we work with the most secure payment processors available. For online payments, each payment processor uses maximum security and confidentiality when processing your payments As part of the payment process, you may be asked by our processors to accept additional terms and conditions that they apply to the transaction.

  1. Stripe – Credit/Debit Cards – Stripe processes all online credit and debit cards for S Ihme.
  2. GoCardless – Direct Debit – GoCardless is our UK based processor for all Direct Debit payments.
  3. PayPal – We occasionally use PayPal for clients that find it more comfortable using this recognised service.
  4. Worldpay – Phone Payments – Payments made over the phone may occasionally be processed by Worldpay our telephone processing merchant.

Monthly Subscriptions

Some of our services are sold under a monthly subscription model, with automatic payments. This means that once you are subscribed, payments will be deducted periodically, using the payment information you have provided. We will always make you aware when you are subscribing to a service, what the amount you will pay each period is, and when the payments will be deducted.

Late Payments

We are a strong believer in prompt payment. We work to pay all suppliers when payments are due and we expect our clients to do the same. If payments are delayed beyond thirty days of the invoice due date, we will apply statutory interest this is currently charged at an annual rate of 8% (plus the Bank of England base rate) in accordance with late payment legislation. Interest will be charged 30 days after the due date for the previous 30 days, and then every 30 days thereafter.

In the event that we must enter recovery proceedings against a serious late payment. This will be charged on a sliding scale from £40 to £100 determined by the current legislation. More information on late payments can be found on the UK Government website

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